Tuesday, April 11, 2023


Continuing my post visiting the Seattle Art Museum in Seattle.

This sculpture is one is made out of porcelain. The plaque read: "St. John the Baptist, 1988. Porcelain. Jeff Koons, American, born 1954."  You can read about it here.

I'm in an area where there is African art, perhaps Nigerian. I wish I had more information but by this time I was getting a little tired and got a bit lax on taking note of things.  I found a page on African art at this website.

The marker on this one below reads: "Lion stool, after 1957. Wood, paint. Ghaniain, Asante."

The following two photos are called Caterpillar Suits by Walter Oltmann.

This one is called "Boys Blowing Bubbles, 1640's. Oil on canvas. Attributed to Michealina Woutiers. Flemish, ca 1620 - after 1682".  More info here.

This painting was one of my favorites. I found the contemporary art very interesting but I love the traditional pieces.

"Mme. H. and her children. 1815. Oil on canvas. Louis Andre Gabriel Bouchet. French, 1759-1842." And more info here.

This beauty is a: "Mantel Clock, 1799. Gilt, bronze, enamel, white marble. French, Paris. Movement by Ridel."  I couldn't find anything else about it.

There was an Egyptian exhibit....

and a Roman one.

And a room full of hundreds of pieces of porcelain, which kept me entertained for quite a while.

Behind the center display, you can see another wall with more pieces of porcelain.

This website has a photo of the whole room, with several other pieces shown.

Next:"The Italian Room. Wood-paneled room ca 1550-1600. Spruce, Willow and Fir. Northern Lombardy, Chiavenna."  

A description of the Italian Room.

This was on the ceiling.

More information on this room can be found here.

There were many more exhibits but a lot of them I couldn't take photos of because of the rules. One of my favorites was the northwest native art. It was absolutely beautiful and I spent longer there than any other area. I wasn't sure I could take photographs and by the time I had made my way around and figured how things worked, I was too tired to go back and check.  I found photos of various artifacts here.  It looks like it is permanent - fingers crossed.  If you ever find yourself in the area, this museum is definitely worth a visit.  

I have been spoiled by the Smithsonian Museums in Washington DC as they are all free, but I paid my $15 dollar entrance fee to this museum without complaint (the price has no doubt gone up since my visit in 2010).  However, there are 'free' days and this website tells you where and when.   

So, this brings me to the end of my trip to the art museum.  I hope you have enjoyed it.


  1. The caterpillar suits are rather frightening. And the lion stool may be my favorite. That looks like a big key on it!!

    1. The certainly are different. I would have enjoyed chatting to the artist to find out what were his thoughts making these pieces :)

  2. Lovely. That last piece you show of the porcelain is resembling a carved piece of sea coral. Amazing.

    1. Thank you Anni, I agree. It is an exceptional piece :)

  3. The Bouchet painting is my favourite.

  4. The painting of the woman with her children is lovely. The Egyptian exhibit would be interesting to browse through. My mom always felt connected with this culture, and one day when she was in her 70's, she said, "I want to go to Egypt." And she did! She brought us back a few items that I'll keep always.


    1. How interesting about your mom Sheri. I really admire her for making that trip :) She sounded a wonderful lady, and that must have been quite an adventure.


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