Saturday, May 11, 2019


We came across the friendly couple again, and the gentleman started telling me about these Barn Swallows.
If you scroll down on the Cave Swallow page, link here, and for some reason I could not find a link on the actual page for the Barn Swallow, you will come to four illustrations; on the right is the Barn Swallow.  Click on that and you will hear its call.  At this link, scroll down and you will be able to listen to a whole range of North American Birds and their calls.
I never thought we would come across a Green Heron on the walkway.  We paused as there was another photographer trying to get its photo.   
The young man photographing this bird told us what it was. I was still too far away for an ID.  I haven't seen a Green Heron in a long time. We spent several moments admiring it, with several photographic opportunities for both of us, until other families arrived and it soon flew off.  We were grateful for the time we had to enjoy this beautiful bird.
Another favorite seen everywhere today was the Red-wing Blackbird.
You can hear its song here.  It is distinctive and once you recognize its sound, unmistakable.
The female Red-wing was nearer the water.
At first I thought this was a Bluebird, but studying it further I am more inclined to believe it was a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher.  I would love to be sure so if you can help please let me know.
And now for a creature that isn't as popular to many, but reptiles have always fascinated me.  Not usually in their natural habitat, more likely behind the glass in a reptile house at the zoo.  
Gregg spotted it below the walkway near the double-decker observation platform.  It is an Eastern Garter Snake.  According to this link they are the gardener's best friend.  They feed on a wide variety of prey including spiders, insects, fish and amphibians.
The closest I could get to identifying this pretty pink wildflower is a Wild Geranium.
The next wildflower is a Narrowleaf Blue-eyed Grass. 
The Mallard Duck came out from behind a tree for a short time, and just as quickly disappeared into thick, bushy water plants
I saw this bird foraging for food and it was hard to get a decent picture as it was too far away.  There are two types that have been seen here recently, the Greater Yellowlegs and the Lesser Yellowlegs.  I have been scratching my head to see if I can see a difference.  

I think now that this may be the Lesser Yellowlegs, but there is a link here that gives a description of the differences.  Still hard for me to tell without the two side by side.  The lesser is a smaller bird and the beak isn't quite as long.  What do you think?   Sorry they aren't clearer, they are the best I could get.
Towards the end of our walk we came across the Great Blue Heron, in a different spot...
and also the Snowy Egret.
Also I found one more Bullfrog.
You can read more about this interesting critter at another link I found here

Thanks so much for continuing this walk with us. 

(Both Gregg and I took photos that I shared today and yesterday.  The logo with my name on it I made from a photo I found at My thanks once again to Sandra at Mad Snapper for telling us all about it in one of her posts on her blog.)


  1. I did comment on your last post, but it was after 9 P.M. I loved it, and would never miss a Huntley Meadows post! The Green Heron is so amazing, we saw one for the first time last year. Your picture is very good! I can see the interesting texture on the frog. The Blue Eyed Grass is gorgeous!! The Wild Geranium looks a bit like a Primrose, we have lots around here. I just cannot choose a favorite, they are all fabulous. I have not been able to get anywhere like this for awhile, and I so love going with you!

  2. I am always grateful to be taken on your walks. Many thanks.

  3. Your posts remind me of the outings Joe and I had, armed with bird books on every visit we made to some of our lovely areas. I still have the books so can refer to them now that the memory is so bad.

  4. Lovely birds! ...screaming and running away from the snake...which is probably just fine for him. Go away, screaming lady...ha ha! 😆

  5. Beautiful set of photos, love all the birds. Enjoy the rest of the weekend Diane

  6. Hello, Huntley Meadows looks like a great place to see the wildlife and take a walk. Love the Green Heron and the cute swallows. Neat sighting of the snake. The flowers are pretty. Wonderful sightings and photos. Happy Mother's Day weekend!

  7. enjoyed this nature walk very much thank you.

  8. This is a great place to walk as there is a huge variety of species. The greater yellowlegs has a very slight upturn in the bill. Again it's difficult to see but is a good way to tell which is which.

  9. Looks like a wonderful walk. I went to the link you provided and agree the bluish bird does resemble a Gnatcatcher. I read it snatches bugs from leaves and beats larger insects against branches. This cute and fuzzy little creature means business when it comes to having a good snack!!

  10. I did listen to all the different calls of the barn swallows, I liked the babies begging for food best. beautiful bird. your photos are excellent and I enjoyed every bird and of course the bull frog. Just came in from snapping shots of Freddy in the barrel

  11. I don't know if we have this type of birds in Turkey.

  12. Marvellous images and a great find in the Green Heron. Have a lovely weekend.

  13. The Great Blue Heron has quite a confident stride.

    We have garter snakes up here.

  14. A lot of lovely nature captures, Denise, many shore birds here are ones we also saw quite often on the VA eastern shore especially the snowy egret, green heron and yellow legs. A very similar snake was seen in our yard before we left, but i would not go near it.

  15. Such a wonderful collection of birds you enjoyed seeing. The garter snake is the only kind I'm not afraid of. :)

  16. Another very enjoyable nature walk, thank you.

    All the best Jan

  17. That was a wonderful bird (and reptile) walk ... wow, you saw a lot and your photos are fabulous!


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