Sunday, February 14, 2016

12th day of our vacation - 12-27-15

(Continuing my daily journal from our vacation)

Sunday, December 27th, 2015

We woke up to see the sunrise this morning and it was a sight to behold.  There are birds walking around, one was a Pacific Plover.

At 1.15 p.m. a lady came by and dropped off a  container of orchids, a gift from the owners.  A very nice touch we thought, and the orchids lasted the whole time we were there.  

We did not rush out today but finally we made our way to the car.  We got into a conversation with a lady in the parking lot.  She was staying with her daughter and a friend.  Nice lady who lived on Oahu.

We then drove to Waimea Canyon.  It had amazing views and we saw a waterfall, Waipo'o Falls, in the distance.  Very popular with the tourists as there were a lot of people at the overlooks.

We stopped by the food-drink truck that was set up in the visitor parking lot.  

So many interesting items we enjoyed checking out.  We picked up a couple of steamed buns with pork for a quick lunch, one called Kalua pig and the other Cha Siu pork.  

Like stepping back several years as we used to buy them when we lived in California.  

7.17 p.m.  We have just spent a few hours with Gregg's sister and her husband.  We met them at their condo and they took us to a restaurant nearby.  

Lunch was no longer being served but we were still able to order appetizers and soup, and drinks.  Sister-in-law had a Mojito, I had a Bellini.....

and the boys ordered beer.  

The restaurant was open to the outside and the views were of the ocean.  It was a big snorkeling and surfing area, very pretty.

  After lunch they took us down a dirt road.  My sister-in-law wanted to show us the stables where she and friends had gone riding the day before...  

This is the trail they took on the horses....

which ended at a real pretty beach.

but to get there we took one of the bumpiest rides I have ever had, with the deepest potholes filled with water from the rains.  

It was the most fun ride and the experience was a hoot.  We laughed all the way there and all the way back, though I thought my head was in danger of dropping off.  Gregg was worried I was going to hit my head on the passenger window, as I bobble-headed pretty close at times.  But though I didn't see stars, I did see the most beautiful rainbow, for real.  It was a fun end to our day.

Tomorrow we attend our friends wedding ceremony on the beach.

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  1. your first photo is stunning and should be enlarged and framed! you look so happy! love traveling with you. :) wedding on beaches are so pretty, enjoy!
    Happy Valentine's DAy!

  2. Terrific experiences so far! You are lucky your hair did not get all tangled up. A friend of mine rode in a jeep when it was windy, and had to cut off her hair when it got all tangled. I loved Waimea Canyon, too.

  3. wow on the canyon an the waterfall and that pretty little beach. a wonderful place to vacation. this cloud has a gold lining instead of silver

  4. Wonderful shots. The first sky shot is breathtaking. I love the canyons too.

  5. I loved some of the scenes here...and sounds like you had so much fun!

  6. Oh Honey, you are doing a better job conveying what it's really like than most journalists!

  7. I am so enjoying my vicarious holiday with you. Thank you.

  8. would love to try the Kalua Pig bun. Over here Char Siu bun is pretty common but dont have Kalua bun

  9. Hello, Denise, another beautiful day in paradise. Gorgeous scenery and I love the rainbow. The drinks sound refreshing. Great post and photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your day!

  10. Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do. Loved your account of this part of your journey.

  11. Wow what a sunrise and such incredible vistas and that canyon!

  12. Just read an article that 85% of Hawaii's endemic species are endangered. Pretty sad huh? I bet it won't stop the developers from taking over more land though.

  13. As I work on my tree, I wish I had more correspondence from ancestors. Your descendents will find a treasure trove. You are building quite a tale with your adventures in Hawaii. Nice shot of you and Gregg.

  14. Nice to dine looking at the beautiful view of the ocean. Great place to watch. Regards.

  15. It's like the 12th day of Christmas!!!!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  16. It is just beautiful there -- wonderful pictures and so fun following the journal of your trip. I am amazed about that pot of orchids. What a lovely touch.

  17. The waterfall is indeed a great sight to behold. Lovely tour photos.

  18. Very nice picture of you and Gregg on the beach.

  19. what wonderful photos...must have been sooo fun. :)

  20. It sounds as if you had a lot of fun with your company whilst you were on the trip. The views across the canyons with the waterfall in the distance are beautiful. The waterfall must have been spectacular if you could have got closer.

  21. What a great looking place - and funny that we have both posted the same sort of bird - the Pacific Golden Plover over the last few weeks.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  22. That rainbow is the perfect ending to a perfect day.


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