Monday, February 1, 2016

10th day of our vacation -12-25-15 - Christmas Day in Waikiki

Friday -  Christmas Day 2015

When I woke up I sent my niece a text with some photos, and wished her and her husband a Merry Christmas. There is about a ten hour time difference and I am never sure what time it will be over there. I was delighted when she called up on FaceTime immediately after I sent the text and we had such a wonderful chat with everyone, which included my brother-in-law, my niece's Dad.  I love being actually to see them.  It amazed me that there we were sitting in a hotel room in the middle of the Pacific, and they are all the way over in Europe.  The connection is great and it is like we are sitting in the same room.  

We had also sent photos to our son who was spending the day with our daughter-in-law's parents back home. Great to chat with him too and it was a busy day for them.  We have planned to get together on our return for a postponed Christmas Day Dinner together.  We both missed being with them as this is the first time in many years that we have not celebrated Christmas together.  

Today we had the longest walk along Waikiki Beach.  We started out by stopping off at our little cafe for breakfast and yes, everything is open, even the Barefoot Bar. 

Christmas breakfast was Portuguese sausage, scrambled eggs and underneath that tater tots, with a layer of melted cheese on the top!  I also had half a papaya with a squeeze of lime juice. My favorite fruit right now. 

Then we walked to the beach and turned left towards the Royal Hawaiian Hotel

You can no longer go through the beach gate onto their terrace, hotel guests only. Pity, and am a little disappointed because there was lots of seating available.  

That last time a lady danced a most graceful hula on the terrace.  She wore a sea blue muumuu designed with a pretty tropical flower pattern of white plumeria, a lei draped around her neck and a matching crown of flowers in her hair. 

There were also three musicians accompanying her, playing melodic Hawaiian music.  The Hula is a very graceful way of telling a story and the lady had a very elegant style of dancing, moving in a soft, slow, fluid motion.  A wonderful memory. 

(I found this great vintage poster online)

It came to a point where we reached the end of the walkway and had to take the steps down to the sand. We got our exercise as our feet dug down and we began to get a vigorous workout.  We walked a long way before we found an alleyway that took us up to the street.  In the alley it was lined with 'parked' surf boards.  

Duke Kahanamoku's statue wasn't too much further along and I finally had my opportunity to take more photos. We stopped for a smoothie at an outdoor kiosk which was right next to the Honolulu Police Station.

We stopped at Duke's statue and got our photos, along with several other tourists...

many of whom were waiting in line to get their photos taken with him.  

We saw a bride and groom getting their photos taken and spotted another going into the Ala Moana Hotel.  It was lovely watching the wedding party as they made their way down the boulevard.

We were making our way back and eventually reached Fort Derussy Park, where we sat on a wall in the shade of the trees.  We enjoyed watching people and the local birdsIt is hot but Gregg always loves the heat and can stand the humidity. I just wilt like a lettuce and that hasn't changed in 40 years, but no I am not moaning.  I am enjoying myself way too much to worry about it and it had been a lovely walk.  

One last time for this trip, we reached the steps in front of the hotel and made our way up to the top. The coffee shop was open and I stopped for a latte.  There are always white doves walking around hoping for a crumb.  We have become accustomed to them and actually welcome the sight of them.

One who had landed not too far from my feet had a grand prize of a cheese cracker someone had dropped.  A sparrow flew down from its perch and quickly grabbed it between its beak.  Even though the cracker was twice its size it flew off without effort. Another guest had been watching and we both laughed.  The dove stopped in its tracks for a moment, looked at the departing sparrow and his disappearing cheese cracker, and then went back to scurrying along the ground looking for another crumb.  Alas there were no more cheese crackers. 

We made our way up to the room and after resting for an hour walked down to the Barefoot Bar.  Our nightly excursions have been very enjoyable. A perfect location on the beach, and after a day of sightseeing there were the incredible sunsets.  It's been fun to people watch and listen to the live music while sipping a cocktail, and talk about our day.  Tonight Gregg went to the snack bar and bought popcorn shrimp and fries. Not our usual Christmas fare but it suited us fine.

When we reached our room we repacked our suitcases.  We have decided to leave the hotel at 6.15 the following morning.  Our flight to Kauai is at 9.03 a.m. but we have to drop off our rental car first.  I shall be sad to leave. We have had a wonderful time, and I realize we are in our fish bowl of holiday euphoria, but everyone seems to smile and many say Merry Christmas as you walk by.  I read recently that Hawaii is at the top of the list for the happiest people and I can well believe it. We met warm and friendly people every day.

Even though our time on Oahu is coming to a close, we are eager for the second part of our vacation to begin.  Kauai is an island that is new to us.  

One last look at the night scenes from our balcony. One last look at the giant Christmas Tree all lit up and perched on the top of the crane, on top of the roof of the new hotel being built down the road. We say goodbye to the little doves who have visited us daily.  They are out of sight and safely secure between the branches in the tree tops, reserving their energy for competing with the sparrows the next day.  

We hopped into bed, put the lights out and went to sleep, with the alarm set for 5.15 a.m.

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  1. So jealous! I'd trade places with you right now!!!

  2. LOVE portuguese sausage at breakfast. Glad you had a beautiful Christmas. :)

  3. Beautiful shots... the sunset especially!

  4. First of all, if I have not gotten out early and warmed up as the day warms up, I am like you and get wear of heat and humidity. Not even sure the getting out early would work now.

    and wanted to comment on how blue those blue skies are in those first shot...just amazing.

  5. It was lovely to celebrate Christmas all over again from your location, Denise. And, I would have been wilting too at the end of the day seeing all the walking yiu and Gregg did.

  6. What a truly lovely way to spend Christmas.

  7. Hello, Denise. the beach walk sounds wonderful. Lovely collection of images. I love the doves, flowers and the gorgeous sunset. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  8. Very Hawaii! I enjoyed those photos. Thank you!

  9. Always nice to see a bride and groom walking about in Hawaii and standing still for photos.

    I am glad you were able to converse with your son and niece on Christmas day.

  10. What a special way to spend Christmas. Love reading your 'journal'... I too keep a journal when we travel. BUT--we take SO many pictures that it's hard to take time to go through all of them and pick and choose what to use....

    Can't wait to see Kauai... That's the island I have hard the MOST about...


  11. You remind us of our time in Hawaii (Maui) when we celebrated Chinese New Year. It was unbelievable!

  12. Wonderful photos . Oh it looks soo lovely there . ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  13. all of your photos are spectacular. i love that first shot of the trees and building. the colors are so beautiful, like the atmosphere there is coming out of the pics into my room

  14. oh the new buildings! gosh you did a fine job of capturing JUST what it's like~

  15. Well by gum, I think I want to spend Christmas in Hawaii!!

  16. I'm enjoying your account of your trip to Hawaii, Denise. I've just read the last two posts all at once. I feel as if I'm there because of the way you describe everything so well and, of course the photos are interesting and many spectacular such as the sunset, the flora and fauna. Christmas in Hawaii must be memorable and you were able to communicate with your family so far away on that special day. Wonderful!


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