Monday, February 29, 2016

Jesh's New Blog - Seasons

I am supporting Jesh's new meme called Seasons over at St. German's Blog.  Please click on the name to see other participants, or you can read what you have to do to participate yourself. Jesh has the most wonderful blog with beautiful photos and she also shares her talents as an artist.  Thank you for hosting Jesh and I wish you much success in your new meme.

(A limpet on a rock.  I'm thinking its life must be pretty simple, though I have to confess I have no idea about the habits of a limpet.  I looked at this photo and just thought 'simple'.)

(Husband with the monumental task of shoveling snow after the plow had been through, and then thankfully our neighbors came down and helped out and made his task a whole lot easier.)

(Having a teddy bear and holding him close is a great comfort to a child. A photo of me that I shared on my old blog but couldn't find another newer one to share of a child and a teddy bear.)

I am also linking with N.C. Sue who has another great meme at Wordless (on Tuesday) at Image-in-ing.  You can visit here to see other participants.


  1. A cute shot of you and the bear!

    Isn't that just the way with local snowplows?

  2. Lovely photos . WOW ! that's a heck of a lot of snow ! Thanks for sharing , I may just pop over to Jesh's blog and have a nose around . Have a good day !

  3. Thank you for openly supporting me, Denise, am (almost) speechless about your encouragement when I'm still new at this! I like the pic of you and the teddy bear, because it's a personal experience! Oh, bet you had sore muscles when the side walk & driveway was clean. Have a friend in Pennsylvania otherwise I wouldn't know how much work the winter is! Now, we in California would be the limpets on the rock! Just sitting in the sun, sipping on a frappe:)

  4. I'm going to have to look up "limpet". I've heard the word but don't know a thing about them.
    Thanks for sharing at

  5. The limpet shot is like a few I have--love the details you captured. I remember that much snow in the Chicago area, but I'm glad it wasn't my job to shovel more than the sidewalk!

  6. This does indeed look like a fun meme.
    Thank you.

  7. Seems to me the snow ploughs causes even more work. Loved the snow picture though. About bears, it's not a child's prerogative to hug one - I have a huge teddy that I still hug. For years I have threatened to get rid of him but never got round to it. These days I need him more and more.

  8. Excelente trabalho.
    Um abraço e continuação de uma boa semana.

  9. I love rock pools and such like - but I never seem to have my camera with me at the right time for rock pool shots!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  10. Hello, great images. I love the teddy bear shot! Have a happy day!

  11. Wow! That's a lot of snow to shovel and so kind of your neighbor to help. The photo of you holding the teddy bear - you were so cute!

  12. Great shots, is your Teddy still around?!

  13. that is a super shovel shot. love it. glad the neighbors helped out. i had dolls instead of bears. i can't remember any bears but i may have had one, i do remember the dozen dolls i had.

  14. Goodness - that really was a lot of snow - great photo

    Take Care, and have a great month of March!

    All the best Jan


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