Saturday, April 18, 2020


This photo is from a summer road trip we took back in August and September of 2013.   It is fun for me to look back to see a previous post from a few years ago.  We were driving across country.

A Little Further
Berton Braley

The reason I never can quit the road
Is a reason that's plain and clear.
It's because no matter where I may stop
And whether it's far or near

There's a place beyond the place I am
Wherever I may be at,
And then beyond is a place beyond
And the world beyond all that!

And as long as a man has eyes to see
And a brain that wants to know,
I figure there's things he's bound to miss
If he doesn't go on and go;

For there's always a place beyond the place
I happen to hang my hat,
And another place beyond that place
And the world beyond all that.

There's some folks stay in a single spot
Or a town of which they're fond,
And never worry a little bit
At the thought of a place beyond;

But the place beyond the place beyond
Won't never let me rest,
For there's a sort of a kind of urge
That's burning within my breast.

To go and go till the end of life,
And when I've left it flat,
Go on beyond the place beyond;
And the universe after that.


  1. It seems such a long time ago since we could take to the open road - and yet it is only a few weeks ago.

  2. Wow! I just love this poem, especially the end! You have totally outdone yourself!!

  3. Loved this, Denise. Many thanks.

  4. Hello, Denise

    I enjoyed the poem and your photo. I love a good road trip! Take care, enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thank you Eileen and so do I. You also take care and I hope you are enjoying the weekend :)

  5. Great poem - we all have to find our inner pilot for this journey.

  6. a lovely poem and perfect for people who love to travel. this would have fit my mother and her sister and a lot of people I know. doesn't fit bob and I because we are the ones planted in one spot. I love the poem and the photo.

    1. Thank you Sandra, we're all like you and Bob at the moment :)

  7. Berton Braley has it right. Road trips are awesome.

    1. I agree Red, absolutely love them! I should add that it takes a while for me to get shot out of the traveling cannon, but once I am on the road it's a different story, lol!

  8. Very happy you enjoyed this poem Agnieszka :)

  9. A very interesting comment Agnieszka, thank you!

  10. Fun poem. I'm drawn to the open road.

  11. What a great poem, Denise. Your photo is a great accompaniment.

  12. Maybe one day we will be allowed to to drive down the open road again!! Stay well and take care, Diane

    1. Now that is going to be quite a day :) Stay well and take care also Diane :)

  13. Oh my gosh, that is such a perfect poem for me right now! I’m so happy to read it. That’s exactly the way we feel. Even under the circumstances this time, we enjoyed our road trip! We are definitely folks who like to see what’s next. (That being said, this time I’m glad to be home and more than happy to stay here for a while!)

    1. I always think about you when you are traveling Sallie. We are planning our next road trip, whenever that may be, but it is something to look forward to. I know you will enjoy being home for a while :)

  14. it's a great poem denise, especially for a traveler like you!! cool gas pump as well!!


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