Monday, March 21, 2016


I found this cute little chameleon in a tank at the visitor center at Meadowlark Gardens.  He seemed to be happy that it was Spring and he was enjoying his exercise!  I found him totally mesmerizing as he moved ever so slowly along the small branch, his eyes swiveling in every direction, independently of each other.  They can rotate almost 360 degrees.  A lot of action!  Amazing little thing.  He is only a few inches long and seemed to be shedding its skin.  I know nothing of chameleons but I really enjoyed watching this one for a while.  

The Chameleon
by Sir Alan Patrick Herbert

The chameleon changes his color,
He can look like a tree or a wall.
He is timid and shy and he hates to be seen,
So he simply sits down on the grass and grows green,
And pretends he is nothing at all.

I wish I could change my complexion
To purple or orange or red.
I wish I could look like the arm of a chair,
So nobody ever would know I was there
When they wanted to put me to bed.

I wish I could be a chameleon
And look like a lily or rose.
I'd lie on the apples and peaches and pears,
But not on Aunt Margaret's yellowy chairs.
I should have to be careful of those.

The chameleon's life is confusing;
He is used to adventure and pain,
But if he ever sat on Aunt Maggie's cretonne
And found what a curious color he'd gone,
I don't think he'd do it again.


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  1. Quite a distinctive looking critter!

  2. Have not seen a chameleon in reality and not in a photo turned green! It's really okay to have one photo, Denise! I appreciate your you being so supportive of SEASONS:) Enjoy your week!

  3. You find the best poems! And take the best pictures. Childhood memory that''s horrid to think of now, but we didn't know any better back then ...they actually used to sell little chameleons at fairs and circuses and we'd "wear" them in our coats or shirts until they died from cold or little brother would always cry when that happened. I couldn't cuz I was the oldest :(((

  4. Beautiful poem and photo, Denise.

  5. What a magical critter! & the poem is so entertaining!

  6. Great shot!
    Thanks for sharing with us at

  7. I admire the ability chameleons change their color. I like this . :)

  8. I don't believe I have ever seen this critter; great shot!

  9. I haven't seen a chameleon in a long time. This one is really pretty.

  10. Oh, that poem is cute and so is the chameleon!

  11. Cool pic! It would be fun to watch this guy change colors.

  12. Very clever! I loved the poem and the chameleon of many colors!

  13. i have always loved chameleons... sadly i haven't seen one for quite a few years... have a beautiful day!

  14. So amazing!! I have never seen a chameleon in person but I would love to. Love your words, by the way...

  15. I really like poem. I have never seen and probably never will see a chameleon. My loss, I think.

  16. What a truly amazing creature. I have seen chameleons but never in the hues portrayed here. Wow!

  17. he is adorable.. so very cute and that poem is perfect and made me smile

  18. a great post...enjoyed it very much

  19. Great picture
    Great poem


    All the best Jan

  20. Thank you for this. I enjoyed it!

  21. Thanks for joining in, Denise....such an interesting critter.

  22. A funny little fellow and poem! I learned a new color name - cretonne!

  23. Thank you for the visit everyone. Enjoy the rest of your day :)

  24. A wonderful little visitor! He's just too cute and the poem is just as great :)

  25. A very especially little guy - I've always liked chamäleons, although I've never seen one in free nature.. they are so archaic.
    Happy Easter to you

  26. Beautiful photo of this fascinating critter!


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