Sunday, March 20, 2016


There is a fish tank inside the visitor center at Meadowlark Gardens.  It is the first place I stop before going into the garden.  When they grow large enough I'm assuming they will be transferred into one of the three lakes down the hill.   Their larger relatives are just as interesting to watch. 

There are two lovely stained glass windows near the fireplace, and a very comfortable sitting area.  One of them I used in my collages.  The darker area on the left of the glass is actually the chimney outside.  You can just make out the brickwork at the bottom.

I had fun making these mosaics and added some fish and a star to this design above, but left it plain below.

I am sharing with Mosaic Monday, with my thanks to Judith for creating this fun meme.  If you click on the name below you can visit other participants.

 Mosaic Monday

Mosaic Monday


  1. Lovely photos of fish, Denise.

  2. Lovely mosaics . Thanks for sharing have a good day and Happy Spring.

  3. Ahhhh.... This was very soothing to look at.

  4. Fish (and fishtanks) are sooo relaxing to watch. Maintaining their tanks in a pristine condition isn't easy though. Love your mosaics.

  5. Your mosaics are beautiful and the colorful fish like jewels. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Fun mosaics The colours of the fish are beautiful.

  7. so many beautiful fishes. I like them very much!!
    I also have two little fishes in my garden since 3 Years, and I love them.
    Have a great weekk

  8. Belo aquário e peixes magníficos.
    Um abraço e boa semana.

  9. I used to keep fish and always felt relaxed when I saw them swimming around. Perhaps I should have some more. Loved the mosaics.

  10. Good morning, Denise. I love the pretty fish and the beautiful stained glass. Lovely images. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  11. I like fish tanks - we have a great shop near us - we often pop in just for a look around - its like a free aquarium!!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  12. Great photos of beautiful fish! The stained glass window looks lovely indeed.
    Happy Mosaic Monday!

  13. Beautiful fishes and stained glass fishes, Denise!

  14. I love fish tanks, we used to have one and it was so tranquil sitting there watching the beautiful fish doing their fish stuff. Have a good week XXX Don

  15. that stained glass windows is fantastic.. the tank of fish is so pretty, and i like the collage with the EXTRA fish.. cute

  16. Thank you for this post! Your photos are really lovely and reminds me of our pond at the old house. It was a place of tranquility! Wishing you well!

  17. What a gorgeous aquarium. Lovely pictures.

  18. I don't think I've ever seen a stained glass window with fish in it!

    I love visiting a local aquarium and watching the fish - they are so colourful.

    Great post, I enjoyed it

    Wishing you a good week.

    All the best Jan

  19. Wow you really created some fabulous mosaics the artist in you!

  20. Your mosaics are beautiful, and what lovely stained glass that echoes the fish tank.

  21. Creative work! They're very colourful fish.

  22. I love fish tanks/aquariums. Many of the Bass Pro shops have them.

  23. I hope they don't put the fish in the lakes! These are an invasive species in N.A. and they disturb the life cycle! Ours go out in the summer into our goldfish pond!
    I have this kind. Shubutkin or some such!

  24. Great shots!
    Thanks for sharing at

  25. wonderful Denise! I love the stained glass photo and the rippled effect!

  26. Your posts about local parks are inspiring. I suggested to David we would get out to one of these local places this week, probably Huntly M adores. Owing to heart issues, I can't walk long distances without my rollator, so your photos of walkways is very useful. ( Also places to sit.😉

  27. Interesting mosaic done using fish from the aquarium and stained-glass window. I like it. Regards.

  28. The fish look so sweet and I love the mosaics you've created!

  29. Those are so neat Denise! I feel like I've been to an aquarium with you! Or maybe to an Art Gallery! They're wonderful mosaics!

  30. When the kids were small we had a fish tank - much work:) Still I love to see beautiful fish, and the mosiac is gorgeous!
    A gentle reminder for linking up at SEASONS (Mon-Wed.) - I appreciate you being such a supportive blog friend! Have a great week!

  31. Great macros, Denise... I enjoy making them also --and haven't made any for awhile... I need to do that again sometime...

    Love the colorful fishies...


  32. They are so pretty and you put together some of the neatest mosaics! I need to learn some better techniques! lol Enjoy your week! Happy Spring!

  33. Nice aquarium set-up. It would catch my eye, too.

  34. That is one the cutest stained glass I have ever seen. I usually see and think it oh, so beautiful, but it is not something I would want for me but I would want this. And I bet Lorelei would love it.

  35. Great collages with the fish and an awesome matching stained glass window.

  36. Denise your collages are very pretty! I will have to explore some new collage programs as I use Google Picasa and it is changing format soon. The fish your photographed are very bright and colorful. I also love the stained glass window!

  37. When I was a kid my uncle kept tropical fish and I used to go with him to a dealer to buy additions for his tanks. I could almost get mesmerized watching them swimming around.

  38. Gigi, thank you.

    Country Gal, me too. Good day and happy spring to you too.

    Kay, it certainly was.

    Elephant Child, so relaxing and expensive no doubt. You have to have a real love for them I’m sure, and I do but only enough to enjoy them elsewhere.

    Ritta, thank you.

    Diane, the colors are what attracted me to them in the first place. Thanks for the kind words.

    Suza, must be fun to have your fish since you were 3.

    Francisco, thank you!

    Valerie, I think we had the occasional goldfish when I was little.

    Eileen, I am very partial to stained glass windows. I’ll have to share the other one soon.

    Stewart, it’s always fun to look isn’t it?

    Sara – My Woodland Garden, thank you.

    Hannah, thank you.

    Don, how lovely to have your own tank. I hope you are having a good week too xxx Denise

    Sandra, I loved it and thank you for those nice comments.

    Cathy, glad this brought back some nice memories. I wish you well too.

    Lisa @ Two Bears, thank you. It certainly was a gorgeous aquarium.

    Jan from Lowcarb team member, it was the first time I saw one myself. Thank you and I wish you a good week also.

    Donna, thank you for the kind words, I do enjoy ‘playing’ in paint shop pro.

    Lorrie, thank you. I thought it was a lovely idea. The park’s lake is well known for its colorful koi.

    William Kendall, thank you and they were. I am always attracted to the colors.

    Linda Kay, me too. I have never been inside a Bass Pro shop. I will have to check one out next time I ssee one. We don’t have any that close unfortunately.

    Jennifer A. Jilks, I understand your concern. The lakes are man-made, each with a filtration system. They have already been stocked with large, colorful koi which is quite an attraction. I can’t say for sure that these were baby koi and that they would be put into the lake. It was just a guess. There are no other fish in these lakes as far as I can see.

    N. C. Sue, you are very welcome.

    Cloudia, they were very cool.

    Christine, thank you. We think alike :), I hope you get to Huntley before too long. I’m glad you found out if the paths would accommodate your rollator. I have never seen anyone there with one but that’s not to say they can’t. It was wise of you to phone ahead and check.

    Giga, thank you.

    Diane AZ, thank you too.

    Sallie (FullTime-Life), thank you for those sweet comments.

    Ladyfi, thank you also.

    Jeannettestgermain, at this stage of my life I don’t think we will ever get a fish tank, but I love to see them at places such as these. One of these days I need to get to the aquarium. I enjoy your new meme Seasons very much, and am happy to be part of it. Have a great week too.

    TexWisGirl, me too.

    Betsy, thank you. It’s fun to make the mosaics isn’t it?

    Lavender Dreamer, Happy Spring to you too. A lot of what I learned at Paint Shop Pro was just by ‘tinkering’. A lot of fun.

    Pattisjarrett, this place is always doing something different. The fish aquarium is relatively new.

    Rose, wasn’t it just? I know what you mean, I don’t see too many things that ‘speak’ to me, but this one certainly did.

    Judith, thank you and thank you for hosting Mosaic Monday.

    Stephanie, thank you. They were fun to make and to share.

    Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti, thank you for the kind words Pat. I shall have to check out Google Picasa.

    David Gascoigne, what fun to have an uncle who kept tropical fish. Those would be fun trips to the dealer for a young child. Good memories I’m sure.

    Well, I hope I didn’t miss anyone out. I don’t very often get a chance to make a long comment here but when I do I enjoy it. Thank you all for visiting. I have tried to visit everyone’s blog and have left a comment there, unless by some fluke blogger won’t let me do that on certain days. I’ve run across that lately. Enjoy the rest of your week everyone :)

  39. Pretty little fish. That is a lovely stained glass window.


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