Sunday, February 16, 2020


I am spring cleaning a little early, and going through old boxes I came across mementos from a road trip.  One was an old post card I picked up from the museum we visited in Cody, Wyoming, on our trip across country a few years ago.  The other was the Cowboy's Grace.  I put them together for today's post.

Dear Lord,
Yer lookin' at a man who never learned to cook, 
Unless you count pork and beans.
And a flowery grace like you'd read in a book,
Is really beyond my means.

But you can believe I'm a thankful man,
though it might be undeserved.
And I'll eat whatever comes out of the pan
No matter what's been served.

I don't take it lightly if it's real good,
'Cause I'd eat it anyway,
See, I know there's people in all likelihood
That maybe won't eat today.

So count me in if yer needin' grace said, 
And bless those who provide it.
The farmers and ranchers, the bakers of bread,
The loving hands who fried it.

But most of all Lord we give thanks to You,
'Cause we who work on the land 
Know how much our harvest and bounty is due
To the graceful touch of Yer hand.

So bless this food and the life we embrace,
And please forgive us our pride,
When others with tables a'plenty say grace,
For what we've helped You provide.

Baxter Black - 1994


  1. Gratitude is most definitely a gift which keeps giving.

  2. The heritage style art is wonderful and the words beneath timeless. It takes many hands and global efforts not only to put food on our tables but everything else as well.

    1. Couldn't have put it better myself Penelope. Thank you :)

  3. that prayer is perfect for then and perfect for now and we all need to read and say it daily... I think in our lives where food is plentiful, we forget the farmers who help God and the people who do not have plenty to eat... beautiful post

    1. I agree Sandra. Having farmers and homesteaders in the family, I am grateful not only to them but to all those throughout, and always think of those who are struggling to put food on their table. Thank you :)

  4. Hello, love the postcard and the poem! Enjoy your day, wishing you a great new week!

  5. i don't really spring clean...i winter clean. i have been doing a bit of bigger cleaning now that it is cold outside. we have had a mild winter, i did not get as much done as i usually do!!!

    a try to always remember the farmers, and to be grateful that my plate is always full!!

    1. Winter clean is a good expression, as it's still winter and I have been sorting things out for a while now! Thanks Debbie :)

  6. I thought I recognized the poets name from hearing him on NPR so I googled him. I was right...what an interesting man...definitely worth googling! (I am not sure if mr Black is still on Morning Edition... I have pretty much stopped listening to and watching any news, even the decent programs, because our current “leadership” sends me into such a depression.

    1. I found him very interesting too and though the name was familiar, I had to look him up to refresh. Again, I know what you mean about the news. I find myself watching it less these days.


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