Tuesday, June 28, 2016


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The Wanderer

Oh, English air is fresh and pure
And English homes are bright;
But I must wander far away
And set my course tonight.
The English breeze will stir the leaves,
But I shall not be here
When Spring goes tripping coyly out
And Summer crowns the year.

The Summer sounds I love so well
I shall not hear again:
The merry children running free
And shouting through the lane;
The liquid flutes of little birds
And, melting in a dream,
The whisper of the swaying boughs,
The murmur of the stream.

The wagons rumbling up the road,
The droning of the bees,
The parliament of busy rooks
That caw about the trees.
The air will fill with English songs,
But I shall hear no more
Till God shall bid me steer for home
And set me on the shore.

Oh, then I’ll wander back again
And seek the place I knew
When all the world was young and fair
And all the tales were true.
And I may find a hand or two
That keep a grip for me….
When I come back to English earth
From tossing on the sea.

By Rudolph Chambers Lehmann



  1. This is so sad. but what a wonderful poet. And the picture fits it perfectly. I love how the jet trails are surrounding the boat.

  2. Hello, I enjoyed the poem and the photo. I hope you are out having fun wandering!

    Enjoy your day and have a happy week ahead!

  3. A good poetry choice- and a good looking working boat!

  4. I suspect this poem expressed the feelings of so many of the early travelloers. Many of whom never came home again. Bittersweet.

  5. Hello Denise
    I like the image you have used ... and the poem too!

    Wishing you an enjoyable last few days of June.

    All the best Jan

  6. I found this very lovely and powerful! And what a beautiful photo, Denise!

  7. Hope all is well and you enjoy your break. This is such a beautiful poem. A perfect one for you. Thinking of you...genie

  8. Now that's a very sentimental poem. I like it.

  9. Beautiful! I love this!

  10. Lovely shot. Love the line 'The liquid flutes of little birds'

  11. Excelente e bela fotografia.
    Um abra├žo e uma boa semana.

  12. Lovely poem, Denise. I haven't come across it before. Hope everything is well with you and look forward to your return.

  13. This is a lovely poem about England of old – not the England now. Until things settle I don’t think I’ll travel there as I have an accent and Brexit has unleashed bad feelings for foreigners. My husband’s nephew and his wife are in Paris for their honeymoon and have changed plans – instead of going to England now they are going to Switzerland and Italy. I saw yesterday how an US lady from Alabama was almost assaulted in Chester and a group of tourists in Bath, including some US people, were heckled at the station. It is so sad and bewildering to me. I am sorry that the UK won’t be part of Europe anymore. I did not think they would quit but keep calm, stay and try to change the things they did not like. From afar it is better to remember England as in your poem. Have a nice summer.

  14. Hi Denise, superb words and so true and would love to be out on the boat fishing with a couple of your previous post lunches. Regards John

  15. Ah, to wander.
    Love this one. Take the break that you need and see you when you get back. :)

  16. Quite an appropriate poem for the dilemma that England faces.

  17. Sounds like you have more than a little nostalgia for your homeland, Denise.


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