Thursday, May 12, 2016


We had a very enjoyable ride up to Skyline Drive.  It was threatening rain and had sprinkled some.  However, it held off even though it was chilly and very windy.


1) I haven’t been doing any new recipes lately.  Therefore, there have been no Monday Food Posts as I have relied on the tried and true ones, with lots of quick-fix salads.  We had not made this Thai recipe in a few months, and felt it was time to go to our local Asian supermarket.  It is a fun place as many of the foods are more exotic than the ones we get in our local grocery store, and we thoroughly enjoy going there.

2) Our son came over to take me to the movies as a pre-Mother's Day outing.  We went to the new Batman v Superman movie.   He and I have the same taste in action movies.  I enjoyed it and don’t think it merits all the criticism it has received. Everyone did a great job of entertaining us for a couple of hours.

3) I have just finished "The Nature of the Beast" by Louise Penny and find myself very invested in the repeat characters she has in her Chief Inspector Gamache series.   I already have my next one ready to go, "A Great Reckoning".

4) It has been very rainy all week.  I wish we could send it to western Canada to help with those awful forest fires.  By now I am hoping that Mother Nature has lent a helping hand.  

   5) The following is my favorite photo of the week.  As I mentioned earlier it was very cold and windy, and at one of the overlooks we were trying to take a selfie.  A lady asked us if she could take our photo. Her husband and little girl, about three years' old, waited patiently and we returned the favor.  I looked back as we were leaving and that darling little girl was so cold she crouched down below the wall and using it as a windbreak, she waddled very comically all the way back to the car.  She had the gait of a sweet little duckling. What a cute sight she made, and just looking at this photo makes me smile.

I am sharing with the following as they become available, with my thanks to all our hosts.  If you click on their names you can visit other participants.


  1. Lovely sky-line.
    Glad you enjoyed the movie.

    All the best Jan

  2. Hi Denise, what a sweet sight. That little girl looks so cute and your photos are spectacular overlooking the mountains..Have a wonderful weekend and thank you again for your caring comments to me..Happy Weekend..Judy

  3. Hello, Lovely views from Skyline Drive. The little girl is cute. I am really tired of this chilly cloudy rainy weather. I hope it moves away soon. Have a happy weekend ahead!

  4. I've read all the Inspector Gamache series and I'm looking forward to the new one coming out I think in August. I'm very invested in the characters, too.

  5. What a view - and I love that waddle.

  6. What nice views from Skyline Drive! That little girl is so cute, makes me wish for a grand child! :-)

  7. What views you had. The little girl ducking out of the wind is indeed cute.

  8. Denise, you have been busy in a great way! The views you are sharing in your photos are captivating, and your last photo is priceless! Thank you so much for sharing. :)

  9. Hello Denise
    beautiful pictures you show here.
    Unfortunately the weather is not particularly good, not even here in Austria,
    but for the West Kandada I also wish for rain. It is inconceivable
    how gigantic this fire is raging.
    Nice weekend.
    Greetings from the rainy Austria.

  10. hat last shot is priceless and will always bring you memories

  11. Lovely photographs from your drive on Skyline Drive

  12. so cute, i wish i could do that duck walk... the view is gorgeous even cold, windy and no bright sun.. well worth the drive and braving the chilly weather.

  13. That is a sweet photo of that little girl. There are so many nice places to visit in your part of the world.

  14. So pretty! I wish it would stop raining, the weeds and grass (mostly crabgrass) are getting bigger than the dog.

  15. I love Skyline Drive and go there frequently. It's not too far from home so sometimes I just go up there to eat a picnic lunch.

  16. It's been such a LONG time since we've traveled there. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.


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