Thursday, January 7, 2016

Willy-Nilly Friday Five and Fun Friday Favourites

Time to join Tanya's fun meme. You can visit 

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This is a photo of Duke Kahanamoku (August 24th, 1890 - January 22nd, 1968) imprinted on a silk banner in an exhibition hall dedicated to him at The Bishop Museum in Honolulu.  For those in parts of the world who aren't familiar, he was a very famous surfer and introduced the sport to the Eastern Seaboard of America, Europe and Australia, and is known as the Father of International Surfing, very much revered here.  He was also a six-time Olympic medalist for swimming, and was the world's fastest swimmer. 

Continuing with this week's theme I am sharing a few Hawaiian phrases for Tanya's meme. 

1.  Aloha!  This can mean hello or goodbye. 

2.  Mahalo!  Thank you!

3.  E komo mai.  Welcome, come in.  

4.  Nay wale no. Just for you. 

5.  A hui hou kakou.  Until we meet again. 


  1. How nice to learn a little Hawaiian, Denise! Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Aloha! Hawaii is on top of my list of places to visit...just under Canada! I read somewhere that they transported sand from Queensland Beaches to Hawaii but I am not sure how accurate that is. Those phrases will be handy if/when I do visit! Mahalo!

    1. Thanks so much for linking up at Fun Friday Favourites with Cath@Home!

  3. Duke is a legend in the islands. Mahalo and A hui hou.

  4. i love hawaii! i've only been to maui and husband's family had a condo on maui and he went a lot as a kid and it was just so easy to get to from ca...not such an easy trip from out here in va! thanks for linking denise and have a great weekend!! now i've got the hawaiian christmas song stuck in my head ;)

  5. i have heard and seen those words in movies and books, wish i were saying them on a Hawaian beach.

  6. for what its worth, I bet I won't remember any of these this time tomorrow, except aloha...

  7. The Hawaiian language is so fun. - Thanks for sharing.

  8. It's amazing the things we learn. Hawaii always seemed like such a far away place.

  9. He is a beautiful real sport man! I appreciate this post.My first English teacher, 20 years ago, as my hobby was a young woman from Honolulu. We still keep in touch through our facebooks. I will use those Hawaiian phrases on my facebook!!!
    Have a good new week.

  10. Thank you for leaving your comments friends. Much appreciated.

  11. Thanks, Your blog address has already set in my dash board.


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