Wednesday, September 21, 2016


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For Good Fences 

I chose more of the fences found in Clifton, Virginia.  These are along the pathway leading up to Peterson's Ice-Cream Depot.  We don't go that often because it is not exactly round the corner, but it is a great place to take our visitors. Nothing fancy but fun and really cute.  This little one wasn't sure where she was heading, maybe she thought she was going to the vet, and it was also very hot.  She seemed happier when she came back.  Hopefully she had a wee taste of her human's ice-cream to calm her nerves and cool her down.

It calmed mine, and the ice-cream did indeed cool me down.

On one side there is a giant chalkboard, and on the floor a big basket of giant-sized chalk.  You can entertain your kids or even yourself if there is a long line.

For Willy Nilly Friday Five
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1)  So, what have we been doing this week?  Among other things we have been busy in the garage as we have had a major clearing out.  Things just accumulate over the years and it was long overdue.  Things we thought we might need are no longer needed.  It feels good to get a head start and when it is finally cleared out, as we still have a long way to go, we are looking forward to painting the ceiling and walls.  Also putting a couple of coats of sealant on the floor, using a product that can be easily wiped if any oil is dripped. Exciting stuff right?  Not really but necessary.  

After a few days - working for about an hour each day - it is still way too hot around here and feels like a steam-bath in the garage - we achieved a satisfactory pile.  Our trash collectors deserve a big plate of cookies when I can make them.  What we couldn't give away or take to the curb, we took to the dump, packed the van up to the gills and off we went. 

We both agreed that this was surprisingly fun. Our county gets high marks for having everything well organized.  There was a friendly lady at the kiosk entrance who sent us in the right direction.  In fact, people in all the places we had to visit (items we took could be recycled, but needed to be delivered to different areas) were to a person very helpful and friendly.  We also went to the supermarket for a few groceries on the way back.  

We always have fun conversations in the car, to us maybe not to you, says I smiling yet again.  We started talking about how we have noticed that people are treating us a little differently, now that we are getting older.  Gregg mentioned how impressed he was that the chaps at each station came over when they saw him lifting heavy items out of the van. He wondered if it was because they saw him as an older person.  Many of them were about half his age.  

Gregg also recounted a story of when he had opened up a door for a young woman a few years back, who actually got mad at him and told him off for opening up said door.  She proceeded to lecture him on why he shouldn't be doing that.  Being the nice person that he is, he apologized and filed that one away.  But he is still a door opener, he's just polite that way.  

This morning Gregg went to the bagel shop.  When he got home he told me that people are opening doors for him now.  A young woman opened the door he was heading for.  We had a good chuckle but at the same time thought it was very nice of her to open the door for the old geyser, Gregg's words, not mine, with his usual tongue in cheek humor. 

A little while ago a young man opened the door for me , accompanied by a reverent, "Hello Mama, you have a good day now."  He was such a charming young man, I smiled back and thanked him, and didn't take offence at all at being called "Mama".  He saw me as a mother figure I could tell, no problem.  I'm also still pretty old fashioned and like a door opened for me.  

We were shopping at the base a few weeks ago, I had lost my sunglasses and needed a new pair.  There I was, staring at all the selections.  A young soldier standing nearby stepped over and actually handed me a pair of glasses.  He was again very polite and smiled like I was his mother.  I'm sure a little homesick as he didn't look far out of his teens or out of boot camp, another mother figure before him.  He said, "Maybe these are what you are looking for Ma'am", as he must have overheard me saying I was having a hard time selecting, and also didn't want to pay an over-the-top price for something that I would probably lose again in a few weeks - sunglasses and I have a history.  He said, "They look really smart on you and they are polarized.  Not too expensive either."  They were just what I was looking for.  I thanked him, asked him where he was from and we chatted for a few minutes.  After a while his mother figure left him to pick out a pair of sunglasses for himself.  Sweet young man.  So, maybe Gregg and I are being treated differently, the tide is turning but in a good way.  

2)  Now for some fun photos.  This blog shares a few National Georgraphic pics.  Click here to see them.  

3)  More National Geographic photos here, a few repeats but more really great shots.  Click here for those.  

4) Thinking of a road trip up to New England to see the Fall folliage?  This place has some great information on places to see.

5)  We have actually thought of doing this route one day.  Route 66.  Sounds like another great road trip.

My thanks to Theresa and Tanya for all the hard work in keeping up these memes.  

As I mentioned in the beginning of my post, if you click on the links in red you can visit each meme to see other participants, and also see great wildlife and nature photos.


  1. the ice cream looks good. i agree, the dog looks stressed out. :) love the idea of a huge chalkboard on the fence. very cool.

  2. That ice cream is very tempting!

    Poor doggie....

  3. I bet they have pretty long lines too. They have good hours as well. Seems like more and more places are putting up chalkboards. The ice-cream looks so good! Well, I have caught myself more than once referring to someone as "A nice young man". That is for sure old lady talk. Plus all my doctors are much younger than I am. I do like doors opened for me, and it seems a lot of people are doing it lately. Now I guess I know why!

  4. What a sweet dog and he does look nervous, his facial expression and body language show this. Poor dear! The ice cream does look good, Denise, and I think the chalkboard is brilliant! I am sure you are feeling great after the big clear out you did. I love to do this and I do it a few times a year, it always feels good to either donate, recycle or discard items I no longer use or need! Thanks for the links you are sharing, I will take a look at them when I am done here.

    And please tell Gregg for me that he is a true gentleman and I would accept it with a smile, thank you, and graciously if he were to open a door for me! Sad he ran into a lady who not only didn't appreciate it but told him off about it.

  5. Fun with the chalkboard! We have a small one at home on a wall for the kids... Ice cream looks good too.

  6. Interesting Willy Nilly Friday. I've been trying for a long time to downsize to a level I can handle.I not there yet.

  7. I am so glad to hear that you are being treated with courtesy and kindness. Karma.

  8. Love all that is along that alleyway but those National Geographic photos are STUNNING.

  9. Cleaning garage can be tiring love

  10. The chalk board reminds me of a 'thing' that happened in a town we stayed at ages ago - people started chalking a train on a very long wall and it carried on all summer - ended up about 1km long!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  11. That chalkboard is a great idea. I wish folk were more free spirited here, all we seem to see are 'keep out' signs!

  12. Excelente postagem e gostei das fotografias, o gelado tem óptimo aspecto.
    Um abraço e continuação de uma boa semana.

  13. Hello, the dog did look upset, poor thing. The ice cream look delicious. I like the chalkboard and fence photos. I enjoyed your post. Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  14. That's such a fun idea with the chalkboard whilst waiting in line for that delicious ice cream!
    Being well mannered no matter what your age is a measure of a good upbringing.
    Glad you find so many well mannered young people about!

  15. Beautiful photos!
    As I love dogs, love your dog!
    My dear and so miss dog Flora used to be sad when she thought she was going to the vet too.

  16. There are nice people everywhere. Glad that you and Gregg have had some heartwarming experiences.

  17. Beautiful dog and I love the photo of the ice cream.

  18. It does look like a great place to go. Hope your dog feels better now. I'm sure you do after that treat! Hugs! Oh...and thanks for those links!

  19. Hi Denise, what a wonderful idea to have a chalk board, would save a lot of cleaning up the residue from spray cans we get over in England. I hope the dog had its own ice cream but not with the chocolate in as your tasty looking dish. Love the National Geographic pics, Regards John

  20. What a great looking fence and the icecream looks delicious. I feel I live at our vets. One dog has addisons and the other hypothyroidism, Your dog looks very cute :)
    What a lovely young man to help you with your sunglasses selection! Life does speed by but we are all still young at heart.
    Have a wonderful weekend Denise :)

  21. Lovely post Denise, so much to look at and read.

    ... and I have to say I'm like you - "I'm also still pretty old fashioned and like a door opened for me."

    Happy Autumn Wishes

    All the best Jan

  22. That walkway was even lit with lights, love the chalk board idea.

  23. Clearing away years of accumulated "stuff" can be a lot of work and also quite an accomplishment so kudos to you and Gregg. We are still clearing out stuff after 2 years! We have also found that others hold open doors and we often do the same. And. helpfulness is appreciated at any age, young or older.

  24. The chalk board is a great idea. Seeing your ice-cream made my mouth water! Amazing how much stuff we collect. Sounds like you've been busy. I like men who open doors -- I hope that never goes out of style. I've had some of the same experiences as I grow older. That's okay with me! Have a fun filled weekend and I hope it cools off for you and me!

  25. You've been BUSY! I know getting all that cleared out felt good. I have been going through things as I pack, getting rid of a lot of mostly magazines and catalogues that my hubby "collects" and some other useless things. It has helped a lot. I don't understand why people would act terrible about someone opening a door for them. I open for others and they do so for me, when we approach a door in a public place at almost the same time. It's just a courtesy. If someone fussed at me I would tell them how sorry I am that they are courtesy-challenged and actually quite rude!

    Have a great week! We just put in a bid on a house that was rejected...the search goes on!

  26. The Ice Cream place sounds fun. I liked the chalk board on the fence for people to doodle on. - Enjoyable Random 5

  27. i love the chalkboard fence...what a cute dog...i wonder if the ice cream place also serves dogs? this seems to be a trend now and one of the ice cream places in harrisonburg does that, i took a picture while up visiting ashlyn when she was still in school at jmu...need to post it! i enjoyed your conversations...cute about the guy calling you mama and it annoys me when people get offended by someone opening a door for's called manners, something these people lack! anyways, thank you for linking denise and i hope you are having a great week!


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