Thursday, May 10, 2018


This is a favorite go-to place of ours.  My regular blogging friends have seen the garden before.  If you are a new visitor, you can look at the labels below this post, and click on Meadowlark Botanical Gardens.  I have taken a lot of photos over the years.  

Our last time was in March, as shown in this post, and we haven't been since.  That is unusual for us but it has been a very cold spring.  Last time we thought the weather was finally getting better, but it became bitterly cold again, and never really warmed up.  I prefer to meander around at a decent, but not overly fast pace, so that I can take in all the sights and enjoy its surroundings.  

The entrance is through a very nice visitor center where there are several terrariums.  One of my favorites is the lizard but I also enjoy the fish and the frogs.   

There are also paintings done by talented local artists.

I cropped this one for a closer look.

We enjoy walking the pathways that take us all around the garden.  I've shared photos of the children's garden several times.  

A familiar face.

The Canada Goose came over and checked us out, but didn't seem to think we were a threat.  His head didn't go down, never once striking the defensive, wings out, might give us a runner, stance.  If he showed signs I would have turned on my heel in the other direction.  I've been there before in nesting season and it was still a little early for that.  It is often hard to stay the required distance when they are feeding right next to the walking path.

The mushroom/fungus growing on the trunks of the trees are always interesting.

A nice view across one of the three ponds at the garden.

A bench I covet.  It turned up a few years ago.  I have searched on line for an identical one with no success.  

Even with all the cold weather, the daffodils were blooming...

and the helibores.

Pretty skies abound.  In the height of their growing season, these beds are full of roses and other beautiful flowers...

but in the meantime the spring flowers are the stars.

I always look forward to my next visit, hopefully soon, to see what will be blooming.

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