Friday, October 23, 2020


I took this photo on our summer road trip in August-September 2013.  You see the most interesting sights while driving on the freeway.  It was busy and nowhere to stop that we could see, but I was satisfied with a fast reaction with my cell phone.  

I know at the time I tried to find information online after we stopped that night, but didn't find anything.  So here we are all these years later and maybe it's because I am a little more computer savvy.  When I decided to share it again I just typed in 'skeleton taking skeletal dinosaur a walk' and several sites popped up, including this site.  It is called Roadside America and I have come across it before in the years since, when looking for info on other roadside attractions.

What I found out was that we were driving by Murdo, South Dakota.  It said you will see the sculpture on the westbound side of I-90, just before exit 170.  Another helpful hint was that there was an easy pull-over before the 1800 Town exit.  Of course, this information comes from years ago and I'm not sure if it is still valid, but if we ever find ourselves out that way again, I will have my camera ready.

The town I found out about dates back to 1880 and according to the site you can best see the man walking his 'dog' at a museum nearby where there are other artifacts.  A short walk into the adjacent field will take us to the sculpture, and you will pass a camel and longhorn sheep.  The camel is there in honor of "Hi Jolly", the US Army Cavalry camel driver who guided the Camel Corps in the deserts of the Southwest.  That's another story and you can go here to read about Hi Jolly.  I never knew there was such a thing as a Camel Corps.  There is a warning not to stop at the side of the freeway as the traffic moves along at 80 miles per hour and even faster.  I remember it being quite busy when we were there.

My thanks to Roadside America website.

There is another website I am thankful for, that tells you about other sights to see on that freeway.  You can see those here by scrolling down and looking below the map on the right, also enlarging the map to see where they are.   

These places are all very kitschy, but fun to see on a long road trip.