Monday, March 27, 2017


Instead of my usual recipe post today, I thought I would share a few knickknacks that I display on bookshelves in our family room.

The figurine is new.  It celebrates Gregg's recent birthday.  I put it next to his favorite picture when our son was young enough to be carried on his daddy's shoulders.  That picture, a long ago birthday gift, was part of a frame with a poem that reads,

"Thanks Dad
For always being there to care,
And always trying to be fair.
For taking time to understand 
And being quick to lend a hand.
For every piece of great advice,
And every quiet sacrifice.
For being strong and gentle too,
And all the loving things you do.
Most of all for being you.
Thanks Dad!"

The bulldog bobby is a birthday gift to me given by our son several years ago now.  I occasionally will collect a police-themed figurine, if I see one that speaks to me in the right way, and our son has given me really lovely ones.  They are a reminder of his English grandad, my dad, who was a 30 year career policeman, a strong but gentle soul whose police days were over the pond.

These two photos are of something I treated myself to when I went out for a rare shopping trip the other day.  With Easter around the corner I thought it would be nice to have him come home with me.  I liked this bunny dish a lot, it spoke to me, especially when I saw the rest of him.  The photos behind him on the left is our son on a trip out west years ago, the photo of the baby on the right is my dad, and a few family photos in the middle that are a bit more obscured.

I may put Easter candies in there, or flowers.  Not sure yet.  

I have had the sheep and friends for a while too.  It's a little difficult to see but along with the goose on its back, there is also a crow on its head.  

It has been a lovely weekend with friends staying overnight. Another birthday to celebrate and also a birthday of another little sweety to remember who is very much in our hearts.  Much laughter, a movie to watch but never put on because we were chatting non stop and we didn't go upstairs until 1.00 a.m.  This week will be a quieter week.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


I promise this is my last food post until my regular weekly one.  It has been a week of going out for birthday celebrations and now, a gourmet cooking class.  

A friend of mine has been going to this one for six years.  She had told me about it and how much fun it was, and a few months ago she invited me to go with her.  It is a once a month class and yesterday was the first time it worked out.  

The lady who runs the cooking school is a gourmet chef and has been all over the world learning her craft.  Her home is gorgeous and well you know me, I couldn't not take any photos.  To get to her house it is in the countryside, and you have to drive down the longest dirt road I have ever been on in Virginia. 

We divided ourselves into small groups to tackle the three courses.  It was a haddock dish with a beautiful salad which you can see in my first photo.  It was a bit difficult taking more photos than these as being new I didn't want to be too cheeky.  

So much fun and sitting down to eat the meal we had all prepared was the icing on the cake, so to speak.  Including our host and my friend, there were ten of us.  I had been told by my friend how nice and friendly everyone was, and by the end of our meal I felt we had gotten to know each other very well.  I will look forward to going again.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Gregg enjoyed his second birthday celebration with our son and daughter-in-law last night.  I didn't take any photos other than the ones of our family and I am sharing a photo of the four of us that our waitress took just before we left. We had a super time as you might guess.  Our Babes, as I lovingly call them, are a joy to be with.   The evening couldn't have been more perfect.  The weather cooperated and we didn't even need a coat.  Even though the sun had gone down it was almost as if Spring had turned a switch.