Friday, December 11, 2015


Though I rarely participate in memes any more, I still wanted to keep a post with all the ones that I have.  They are in alphabetical order.  Click on the names above each button to visit.   

(Host: Anni)

Camera Critters
(Host: Misty)

(Host: Gosia)

(Host: Nick V)

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(Host: Aquariann at 
The Art and Tree Chatter of Aquariann)

Flower Friday

(Host: Cath at Cath@Home

(Host: Theresa at The Run*A*Round Ranch Report)

(No longer participating, but I keep it here for the good memories Theresa used to give us.)

(Host: Laura at Shine The Divine)

Shine the Divine

Mosaic Monday
(Host: Maggie, host of Normandy Life)

(Host: Michelle at Rambling Woods)

nature notes logo

(Host: Nancy at A Rural Journey)
Random 5 Friday

Saturday's Critters
(Host: Eileen at Viewing Nature with Eileen)

(Host: Jesh at St. Germain's Blog)

SeasonsWidgetGrey&Sunset_4269 copy

(Hosts: Yogi, Sandy and Sylvia)

(I am the host of this one, and this meme can be found here at An English Girl Rambles 2016)

(This is also no longer running.)

(Host: Hetty at Tuinverhalen)

(Host: Tom the Backroads Traveler)

(Host: Linda Kay of Senior Adventures)

Wednesday Wit and Wisdom

(Host: Stewart at Paying Ready Attention - 
Photo Gallery)

Willy-Nilly Friday Five
(Host: Tanya at Roanoke Daily Photo)

Around Roanoke

(Host: N. C. Sue at Image-in-ing)

Page in progress and if I have forgotten any please let me know.  I am sure new memes will be added as I find out about them and want to participate.

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  1. I have a wide variety of memes listed on a tab at the top on my blog if you are interested :)


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