Friday, July 1, 2016

TODAY'S FLOWER # 415 - JULY 1ST, 2016

My apologies to friends who participated in last week's Today's Flowers.  I was not able to visit your posts but will try my best to catch up soon.  I haven't had much computer time lately.  Please read note above (below the title).

Thank you to all who participate in this meme, and for all the comments left.  They are all read with great appreciation.

Today's Flowers opens on Friday at 12.00 a.m., and closes the following Thursday at 11.00 p.m.  We welcome blogging friends to add their favorite flower photos during that time.  If you think you would like to participate you can read more information at this link.

I am still sharing photos from Meadowlark Gardens, in Vienna, Virginia when we visited last month.  

Today's Flowers was created by Luiz Santilli, Jr. Thank you Luiz!  I am now its host. 

I am also linking with the following memes as they become available, with my thanks to our hosts.  Please click on their names to visit other participants.

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  1. Denise, it was pretty hot today here in Montreal and your photos are very cooling and calming! Thanks so much for sharing them.

  2. These flowers are spectacular!! Do you know what they are? I don't think have ever seen ones like the first three. The last two pictures are stunning!!

  3. Meadowlark Gardens looks like a beautiful, tranquil place. The flowers are all very pretty! Have a beautiful weekend!

  4. Beautiful. I particularly like the columbine against the bark of the silver birch? (Second photo.)

  5. You always find so many stunning flowers!

    Have a happy weekend ... Frauke

  6. All the flowers hosts are lovely but my fvourite is the last one

  7. Heisann!
    Nice photos of flowers which all grow, but the first one, here in Norway as well. Have a wonderful weekend ;:OD)

  8. Muito belas estas flores silvestres.
    Um abraço e bom fim de semana.

  9. Love the white.... my current favourite floral colour

  10. Thanks for hosting! I hope you have a wonderful week!

  11. Some beautiful flowers for the 1st of July - have a happy month

    All the best Jan

  12. Wonderful walk in the garden; so lovely to admire flowers and to observe lots of details from nature, as always in your posts. Many thanks for Today's Flowers and Have a great weekend ahead!

  13. another lovely collection Denise

  14. that 2nd photo is AWESOME.. i love the texture of the tree bark and the purple flowers and green grass.. gorgeous.

  15. Hello, Denise. These are all gorgeous flowers. Lovely photos! Happy Friday, enjoy your 4th of July weekend!

  16. Dear Denise,
    so beautiful, little treasures in this public garden.
    I like them very much.

    A very happy weekend to you

  17. I love the peonies. Enjoy your weekend, Denise.

  18. Beautiful peonies Denise.....the last one is gorgeous!
    Thanks for hosting and sharing.

    Happy weekend!

  19. In painting I love colors, but in flowers whites are my favorites. Love the ones in your second capture! Have a great weekend, Danise and thanks for hosting!

  20. Hi Denise, wonderful flowers again, what a super place to visit.
    Regards John

  21. I am having a hard time getting around myself so I completely understand.

  22. Wow! I really must visit there sometime. Happy 4th of July!

  23. Hi Denise,
    wonderful Summer flowers in the nature in your photos. Thank you for Hosting.
    I wish you warm Summer days and relaxation.
    Best regards, Synnöve

  24. Oh...lovely flowers but I know you are away and won't be able to reply. I hope everything okay and you will be back soon.


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