Saturday, December 12, 2015


Thank you for your interest in Today's Flowers.

Today's Flowers opens on Friday at 12.00 a.m. and will close the following Thursday at 11.55 p.m.  You can add your photographs all week.  Everyone is very welcome to share their flowers, or just to stop by for a visit.  Thank you to those who leave comments, which are always read and appreciated.

For your convenience, if you would like me to send you an e-mail when each new link opens, you can leave your address with

If for some reason the link does not open on time and I am not able to fix the problem straight away, please leave your link in the comment section.  But only if there is no link available. 

If you have trouble adding your photo even when it is open, you can send me your entry, along with your blog address please, and with "Today's Flowers" in the subject line, to the e-mail address above.  This e-mail can also be used if you want to get in touch with me with any advice or concerns.  Thank you very much!


Luiz Santilli Jr. created Today's Flowers.  Thank you Luiz!


We try not to bog you down with too many rules, but could you please provide a link to Today's Flowers if you decide to join in?  Obviously everyone is welcome even if you don't, as it is fun just to look at pretty flowers from all around the world.

Also, no business advertising please and no spam.  This meme is for people who have a love for sharing their own personal, favorite flower photographs.  Participants are very welcome to copy the button below for your related Today's Flowers blog post.

Finally, my thanks to all friends for your support of this meme.

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